Old School Building Update

We have not heard back from the State Fire Marshal yet, so the fire is still under investigation, but we do have some news to share concerning our insurance carrier, Catholic Mutual.

Catholic Mutual believes the damages to the school would cost several hundred thousand dollars minimally to repair the school. That said, the church made the decision several years ago to carry demolition value coverage only on the building. Furthermore, to activate that coverage, the building needs to be demolished. For these reasons, Catholic Mutual would recommend the demolition of the building. This of course is not official yet, until they receive the paperwork from the State Fire Marshal.

We are actively collecting bids on the asbestos removal and demolition of the building. Please keep this all in your prayers as we want to do what is best for our parish and community.

We will plan for bricks, doors, coat hooks, etc. to be available to you all for keepsakes. This is part of our planning process and is being communicated to the companies we take bids from. As this unfolds, and planning takes place, we will keep you updated.

If you have any questions/concerns, please reach out to Father Yanta or Michelle Lopez.