Administrative Ministries

Our parish is incorporated within the state of Minnesota as a non-profit corporation, governed under laws regulating non-profit corporations with some special provisions allowed for church non-profit corporations.

Board of Directors

The board has five members: the Archbishop (Most Reverend Bernard Hebda), the Vicar General (Very Reverend Charles V. Lachowitzer), the pastor (Father Neil Bakker) and two lay members of the parish (John Breunig and Tim Sebenaler) who are called trustees. The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the temporal affairs of the parish promoting the spiritual, educational and other interests of the Catholic Church in the parish.

Parish Trustees

Trustees consult with and advise the Pastor as requested. They have responsibility to sign, along with the other Corporate Board members, on behalf of the parish when it comes to deeds, mortgages, and other financial transactions of the parish. They are recommended by the Pastor and appointed by the Archbishop to serve a two-year term. This term may be renewed.

Tim Sebenaler- [email protected]

John Breunig- 952-492-6317


The pastor collaborates with the diocesan bishop in applying the mind of the Church and the bishop to the situation of the local parish as part of the diocesan Church. He serves God’s people by participating in Christ’s role of sanctifying (making holy), leading and teaching. Ultimately he is responsible for all the decisions made in the parish, even if he chooses to delegate some of that decision-making to other parishioners.


The deacon is called to servant leadership and is assigned to a ministry within the diocese by the local Bishop. Deacons are most often called to serve specific community needs: the sick, the elderly, BeFriender type ministry, the dying, the homeless, food shelves, prisons and other community outreach programs. Deacons are ordained to liturgical celebrations.

Business Administrator

The Business Administrator manages, supervises, and is responsible for the overall financial, administrative, office services, human resources, facilities and property management of the parish. The administrator conducts the business affairs of the parish in a professionally ethical, efficient and organized manner. The administrator manages the business functions and properties of the parish and supervises support staff in financial, administration, maintenance, and custodial functions.

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council participates in the responsibility for pastoral ministry and the administration of the parish. It researches the needs, the ideas, the hopes, the life and activity of the people of God, so that the whole parish community can effectively carry out the mission of the parish and fully participate in the ongoing conversion that is central to its life. The Pastoral Council evaluates the parish in its conformity to the Gospel and those constitutive elements of the Gospel which call for understanding the implications of justice. In this sense, the Pastoral Council shares in the decision making process which assists the pastor in carrying out the leadership role that is his within the parish. They are elected by the parishioners for a 3-year term.

Parish Council Co-Chairs:

Frank Kipp-952-492-5542

Judy DeWeese-952-492-6732

Finance Council

Finance Councils are similar to pastoral councils in that they are consultative in nature, offering advice to the pastor. Finance councils must observe both canon and civil law in the sound management of the temporal goods of the parish. They prepare the budget of the parish and submit it to the Pastoral Council for their review. Finance Council members are appointed by the pastor for a 3-year term.

Finance Council Chair:

Mark Zimitsch- [email protected]

Calvary and St. Joseph Cemetery Board

This board acts in an advisory capacity to the Parish of St. John the Baptist Church in connection with the preservation, beautification, and enhancement of St. John the Baptist and St. Joseph Cemeteries.

Cemetery Board Chairperson:

Lori Moriarty- 952-492-2425

Stewardship Committee

An active, practicing Stewardship Committee is critical to the ongoing education and commitment of parishioners to the stewardship of time, talent, and treasure.


Denise Andersen- 952-715-0371

St. John’s School Advisory Board (SAB)

This committee advises the principal on policy, fundraising and many other school efforts. They meet the second Thursday of each month.


Courtney Bierlein - [email protected], 952-492-2030