Special Appeal

We have exceeded our Celebration Goal!

Through your generosity and commitment, we were able to raise our total pledge amount to $1,904,829! We truly have been blessed with such a wonderful response to our Special Mortgage Appeal. Our Victory Goal of $2.2 million is in sight and the ultimate goal of retiring our debt!

We reached 52% Participation Goal – What a great joy seeing our parish community supporting our Special Mortgage Appeal. More than 300 families have said “Yes” to St. Johns!

Here are some ways to support the drive:

  • Five-Year Pledge: This allows you to spread out your giving and make a larger commitment. Example: a $2,500 pledge is $42/month or less than $1.50/day.
  • One-Time Gift: If you’re not in a position to commit to a five-year pledge, please consider a one-time gift. Every gift counts and a one-time gift is a wonderful gift.

View the special Mortgage Appeal Pledge Card (PDF) or contact the parish office if you have any questions and would like to help us reach our goal.

A Vision of Our Future

Remember, we give not for the parish’s need to receive, but based upon our own need to give. As good stewards, we are called upon to care for the existing facilities and plan for our continued parish development.

Our goal is to raise enough money to greatly reduce or even retire our remaining $2.9 million mortgage debt while ensuring our operating funds are secured through our annual appeal. Until we place ourselves on stronger financial ground, we will be unable to consider necessary improvements or updates for our ministries and facilities.

Annual operating fund appeal – Annually our operating costs increase more than five percent on average. These costs include our health care, heating and air conditioning, maintenance and salaries.

Special mortgage appeal – These funds will be utilized solely for the reduction and retirement of our mortgage debt. To ensure we recognize the sacrifice and success associated with extraordinary giving, the parish has established the following benchmarks for our special mortgage appeal:

ACHIEVED!! Celebration Goal: $1.86 million – Reaching this goal will ensure that the parish can continue to make required debt payments for the next five years.

Victory Goal: $2.2 million – This will allow us to make substantial progress in reducing our debt by reducing the term of our loan by almost two years.

Transformational Goal: $2.9 million – At this level, the parish would be able to retire all debt at the end of the five-year campaign pledge period. In addition to saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest expense, it would free up funds to be used for parish ministries, the school and other important areas.