Stewardship Update

This week you should have received your Stewardship Renewal in the mail. It included a Prayer, Participation and Operating Covenant Cards. If you would fill them out and return the Participation and Operating Covenant Cards in the enclosed envelope we would really appreciate it. It can be mailed to the parish office or placed in the offering plate during Mass.

Why do we ask you to fill out these cards? The participation cards are a great way for you to try something new or get more information about a ministry. You will be contacted shortly after signing up by the ministry chairperson. We use the operating cards to help with our budgeting for the next fiscal year. It gives us a snapshot of what we can expect to receive for our basket and envelope giving.

Financial support of the parish, given in love, is more than a number on a giving chart, a gift of habit, or a hurriedly picked “comfortable” dollar amount. The question of how much to give rests between each individual and God. The answer can only be found in prayerful, honest reflection of the true extent of God’s generosity to us.

Faithful stewards understand that all we have, including our financial resources, is only ours to manage in this life according to God’s plan and that God’s generosity to us knows no bounds. The example of Jesus; loving without limits and giving all, stands before us. How will we respond?