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Holy Heroes~ Helping to bring the Joy of the Faith to your Family

Visit Holy Heroes Fun Page. Enjoy Holy Heroes Sunday Gospel videos, Mass coloring pages and more! Explore their website for books, dvds and unique Catholic gifts.


Dr. Ray Guarendi “My aim is to help you raise great kids. It is to bolster your self-confidence as a parent, and to put authority into your hands, where it belongs. To paraphrase a wise person, parenting is too important to be taken seriously. So we’ll also relax and laugh, whenever and however we can. As a father of 10 (honest, ages 13 through 25) and a clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and national radio host, families have been my life.

Whatever I can do to help you learn, laugh and stand strong as a parent, I’m willing. We’ll cover parenting, marriage and families from every direction, from toddlers to teens, child discipline to parenting skills, and adoption to adolescence. You name it; we’ll talk it.”

You can listen to Dr. Ray’s show “The Doctor is In” on Sirius Radio 130, listen to pod casts or purchase one of his award winning books Great Discipline, Great Teens, You’re a Better Parent than You think, Raising Good Kids: Back to Family Basics, Marriage: Small Steps, Big Rewards and his NEW book Winning the Discipline Debates at

Lighthouse Media

Welcome to the Lighthouse Catholic Media! We offer all our best selection of CDs and Downloads of some of today’s top Catholic Speakers.

Lighthouse Media cds are available here at St. John’s in the back of church or in the Gathering Space in the wood holders. Additional cds are available through their on-line site above.

Lighthouse cds present a range of topics from parenting to purgatory, evangelization to everyday living and they are a great way to learn more about your Catholic faith, pare. Perfect for commuting to work, vacation drives or while cooking dinner! Pick on up today!