Welcome to St. John’s YDisciple Ministry!

It is with great joy and hope that we introduce you to YDisiciple and the blessings already unfolding in our disciple groups here at St. John’s. YDisciple groups provide opportunities for teens to cultivate relationships with each other and Jesus Christ. Through intellectual, spiritual, human and pastoral formation, true friendships are built and sustained.

Are you a 9th-12th grader who is looking to dig deeper in your Catholic faith? Are you questioning your Catholic faith? Are you looking for answers to God’s purpose for you? Contact the Faith Formation office today to learn how YOU can start your YDisciple journey. sjbjordanff@gmail.com.

What is YDisciple?

YDisciple is a Catholic Youth Ministry initiative powered by the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado. It is our firm conviction that the future of the Church depends on good youth ministry. Future priestly and religious vocations, future marriages and families, future strong Catholics . . . all grow exponentially when a solid foundation is experienced during the formative teenage years. Yet, in the past 35 years as Catholic Youth Ministry has emerged, we still are seeing consistent and engaging youth ministry being offered in only a fraction of the parishes in our country. Many parishes desire a strong youth ministry program, but scarce finances and limited staff resources make it seem like an elusive goal.

But, there is a solution – one that is possible for every parish in the country, regardless of demographics, financial resources, or even staff. We advocate an approach to youth ministry that models the strategy of Christ Himself – intentional discipleship. And for such a model to be effective in our modern times, it must engage parents as the primary driver for the overall ministry.

YDisciple is a process for youth ministry that empowers parishes to bring the vision of the New Evangelization to life through a comprehensive approach to youth ministry that includes: